The Rise of the Smart City

The world is growing at a fast pace. Technology has taken over and, some places are a perfect example of the upcoming development. In fact, if you visit a city such as Accra, in Ghana, you will experience The Rise of the Smart City Meaning that this city is developing at an awesome pace and, also, it is meant to become one of the most technologic cities in the world. Within the list of the ten smartest developing cities in the world, Accra is definitely number one.

However, Accra is not the only city which is developing in efficiency and technology, Curitiba, located in Brazil, is a city well known for its improvements and research on sustainability when it comes to urban development. This city is planning an amazing transit system which will be very fast and, at the same time, will feature environmental sustainability. 

Other cities such as Luxemburg (Belgium), Manila (Philipines) and Medellín (Colombia), are prepared to receive a great number of people. And, to do so, they have improved their transit system into becoming one that will not harm the environment and is prepared to hold the huge amount of visitors these cities have during the year. 

What Do Dogs Dream About

What Do Dogs Dream About ? That was the question my five-year-old daughter made after dinner. Of course, I didn’t know the answer to that question. I said I didn’t know but she kept asking until I told her they dream with us and the park. However, I’m not the kind of parent who lies to their kid and I felt the intrigue growing within me. And, while I watched our family dog sleep, I began to wonder – in a very serious adult like and committed way – what do dogs dream when they are sleeping. I mean, do dogs even dream? So, I did some research. 

According to recent studies, animals with less intelligence than dogs (rats, for instance) do dream. So, dogs should too. There are a few body signals which prove the fact that dogs do dream. Its dreams are supposed to happen within the first fifteen minutes of sleep. They snore because they experience REM, just as humans do. However, they are pretty light sleepers.  

Perhaps the most interesting I found is that their dreams are like the ones we have: full of images which replay the activities that they do during the day. This means running, fetching, playing and, of course, being with you. 

Linda Ronstadt Health

News on Linda Ronstadt health. Apparently, the famous 67-year-old singer can no longer be able to perform in what she knows to do best. The ten-time Grammy award winner is dealing with Parkinson. This brain disease is degenerative and it also has affected other celebrities as Muhammad Ali and Michael J. Fox. Doctors say Linda won’t be able to sing, not even in the shower.

This is a very cruel irony for someone like Linda Ronstadt who has a huge career due to her amazing voice. However, on an interview in which she spoke about various subjects such as past lovers, youtube, and her disease, she sang. In the middle of her response regarding singers who emerged from the Baptist tradition, she started singing the opening lines of the song “Cooke’s a change is gonna come”.  

Her high pitched voice came from her mouth like the sound of angels. It was a little bit wobbly but still, it sounded beautiful. She is one of the eminent voices in Pop and she fueled the 1970’s Los Angeles country scene. Her voice will be never forgotten. 

Binary Domain Review: What is it about?

In this binary domain review, you will find out everything you need to know about this video game before you buy it. This third person shooter video game was released in 2012 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation3 has become one of the most popular shooter games there are. Unlike other similar video games, Binary Domain takes place in the future, more precisely in 2080 Tokyo, that is why features as artificial technology can be seen.

The characters were made using realistic behavior and personalities and it is set in a flooded world as a result of global warming consequences and robots are use as labor force. There are seven multiplayer modes and a consequence features that make non-playable characters decide to trust you or not if you are playing in story mode, which make the game very attractive and competitive.

There are very goods criticism about the game where the consequence system is very praised and the voice recognition is not so praised. In spite of the positive review, the game was not very sold in North America. In 2012, year of its release, only 20,000 copies were sold. On the other hand, in Japan almost 75,000 copies were sold, reaching the #2 position of best game at that time.

Fan Page Domination Scam or Legit?

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Epic Soccer Training Free Trial Period!

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