Linda Ronstadt Health

News on Linda Ronstadt health. Apparently, the famous 67-year-old singer can no longer be able to perform in what she knows to do best. The ten-time Grammy award winner is dealing with Parkinson. This brain disease is degenerative and it also has affected other celebrities as Muhammad Ali and Michael J. Fox. Doctors say Linda won’t be able to sing, not even in the shower.

This is a very cruel irony for someone like Linda Ronstadt who has a huge career due to her amazing voice. However, on an interview in which she spoke about various subjects such as past lovers, youtube, and her disease, she sang. In the middle of her response regarding singers who emerged from the Baptist tradition, she started singing the opening lines of the song “Cooke’s a change is gonna come”.  

Her high pitched voice came from her mouth like the sound of angels. It was a little bit wobbly but still, it sounded beautiful. She is one of the eminent voices in Pop and she fueled the 1970’s Los Angeles country scene. Her voice will be never forgotten. 

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