The Rise of the Smart City

The world is growing at a fast pace. Technology has taken over and, some places are a perfect example of the upcoming development. In fact, if you visit a city such as Accra, in Ghana, you will experience The Rise of the Smart City Meaning that this city is developing at an awesome pace and, also, it is meant to become one of the most technologic cities in the world. Within the list of the ten smartest developing cities in the world, Accra is definitely number one.

However, Accra is not the only city which is developing in efficiency and technology, Curitiba, located in Brazil, is a city well known for its improvements and research on sustainability when it comes to urban development. This city is planning an amazing transit system which will be very fast and, at the same time, will feature environmental sustainability. 

Other cities such as Luxemburg (Belgium), Manila (Philipines) and MedellĂ­n (Colombia), are prepared to receive a great number of people. And, to do so, they have improved their transit system into becoming one that will not harm the environment and is prepared to hold the huge amount of visitors these cities have during the year. 

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