What Do Dogs Dream About

What Do Dogs Dream About ? That was the question my five-year-old daughter made after dinner. Of course, I didn’t know the answer to that question. I said I didn’t know but she kept asking until I told her they dream with us and the park. However, I’m not the kind of parent who lies to their kid and I felt the intrigue growing within me. And, while I watched our family dog sleep, I began to wonder – in a very serious adult like and committed way – what do dogs dream when they are sleeping. I mean, do dogs even dream? So, I did some research. 

According to recent studies, animals with less intelligence than dogs (rats, for instance) do dream. So, dogs should too. There are a few body signals which prove the fact that dogs do dream. Its dreams are supposed to happen within the first fifteen minutes of sleep. They snore because they experience REM, just as humans do. However, they are pretty light sleepers.  

Perhaps the most interesting I found is that their dreams are like the ones we have: full of images which replay the activities that they do during the day. This means running, fetching, playing and, of course, being with you. 

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